Inside the Recruiting Process: How to Hire the Right Person

Healthcare IT recruiter pointing to the best job candidateFinding top talent is much more complex than simply throwing a job post on an online hiring board. While it can seem like a difficult and frustrating process, it doesn’t have to be when you work with a professional recruiter. A trusted partner can guide you through every step to attracting, hiring, and retaining the best talent for your open positions.

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Step 1: Create a detailed job description.

A clear, detailed description of expectations and responsibilities, as well as required credentials and skills, is absolutely essential to narrowing your applicant pool to only those who are truly qualified. It helps a candidate set expectations and paves the way to success for both sides of the recruiting process.

Step 2: Identify the search team.

This should include the direct manager for the open position, at least one person who knows the job already, and one person who interacts regularly with this role. These people should work with the HR department to ensure compliance with company policy.

Step 3: Get help.

A professional recruiting agency grants you access not only to active job seekers, but also to passive candidates who may be interested if the right opportunity presents itself. It is critical to partner with a recruiting firm that knows the Health IT industry as their pipeline of qualified candidates will be more developed, saving a lot of time in identifying candidates.

Step 4: Determine how long the job will be posted and where.

Is two weeks long enough? A month? For C-suite positions you may find that it takes several months to fill the role. You can post your job in multiple places: internet job boards, company partner newsletters, local job banks, diversity agencies, campus recruitment events, social media, and more. Ask current employees to refer qualified colleagues.

Step 5: Treat candidates like gold.

The recruitment process is also a marketing opportunity, and you should treat it as such. Happy employees are your company’s best asset, so don’t make people wait weeks to hear back from you. Let them know you value their time as well as their interest. Personalized, friendly messages instead of bland, generic responses keep candidates interested instead of put off. Even the candidates you don’t hire deserve your respect. Let them down gently and wish them luck.

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