Retained Search

The Success or Failure of Your Organization Is Tied to the C-Suite.
How Much is it Worth to You to Get it Right?

When you need to fill a critical, high-level vacancy in your organization, regular recruitment strategies just won’t do. Your ideal candidate must have key leadership skills, first-rate education and experience, and a proven track record of steering organizations to success.

Retained Search for Health IT TalentBut before you can find that, you need a recruiter who gets it. One who is dedicated exclusively to your search. One who isn’t just looking to fill a vacancy, but is willing to devote the time and resources necessary to learning about your organization’s culture, structure, and needs.

You need a recruiter who knows the success of your organization is about more than just having a credible candidate; it’s about having the right candidate.

At 1st Solution USA, we have a proven track record of sourcing the right C-level and VP talent for Health IT.

Why retain us for your executive search needs?

Our talent acquisition experts know health care. We also know that while anyone can work in Health IT, a select few have that little extra something that makes the industry special.

We know how to find that something.

We’ve cultivated deeply-rooted, professional relationships with top health IT talent across the country — and know what makes them tick.

When you retain 1st Solution USA for your executive search needs, you’ll directly benefit from those relationships. You’ll enjoy our highly-personalized, consultative approach, where we take the time to fully understand the position you’re trying to fill, as well as the hard and soft skills the candidate will need in order to be successful in that role.

We’ll cultivate a true partnership, one that’s based on regular discussion, collaboration, and follow-up, and one that will allow you to rest easy, knowing we’re working around the clock, exclusively on your search.

And of course, we adhere to the highest levels of confidentiality throughout the entire process.

How Does the Retained Search process work?

We know that in recruiting, one size does not fit all. That’s why we take a formalized, yet flexible, approach to talent acquisition. While we customize your search to fit your needs, our process works a lot like this:

  • We meet with our client and create a detailed, written description of the position, outlining duties, educational requirements, technical expertise, and more
  • We start the search, consulting our database, professional networks, and referral sources. We also attend industry events and trade shows, among other things
  • We identify potential candidates and schedule interviews via phone, Skype and/or in person
  • We submit the candidate’s credentials to the client in a pre-scheduled conference call with key stakeholders
  • We coordinate interviews between the candidate and client
  • Once a client decides to make an offer, we act as chief negotiator, ensuring both parties reach a mutually acceptable employment agreement

Our Guarantee

At 1st Solution USA, we understand that retaining a recruitment firm for your search needs is a substantial investment and huge act of trust.

We appreciate that investment and trust, which is why we give you the following guarantee: If a candidate is terminated for cause or resigns within six months of employment, we will conduct another search for no additional professional fee. 

Ready to put your organization on the path to growth? Contact us today for more information or to sign up for our retained search services.