Sometimes the biggest glitch in health IT happens between the keyboard and the chair

A Different Kind of Healthcare IT Recruiting Firm

Because we specialize in Healthcare IT, we do know technology jargon. But what sets 1st Solution USA apart from other talent acquisition firms is not how we speak, but how we do business. Take a look at some of the ways we’re different from what you might have come to expect from search firms.

We never use resume posting websites. Our recruiters are trained on how to source talent without the use of traditional job boards. Our team knows how to get to those hidden gems that other recruiters cannot find. Our candidates aren’t posting their resumes for all to see; they are passive job seekers – so they have your undivided attention.

We know technology. No, we can’t set up your network, but we know technology well enough to know how to screen out candidates who look like a fit on paper, but who really are not. We know how to ask the hard questions and sift through the fluff.

We’re highly selective and we respect your time. That’s why we’ll never bombard you with dozens of resumes for one opening, like much of our competition. We’ll send only the top two or three candidates that we know are spot-on for your needs.

We’re relationships-driven. Our concern for your success doesn’t end when the contract is signed. That’s just the beginning of our partnership. Not only do we negotiate on your behalf during the hiring process, but we’re available to you after the deal is done. Call us when you need us. Tell us your concerns and frustrations. We’re in it for the long haul.

We respect your financial needs. That’s why, unlike most health IT recruitment firms, we offer both retained and contingent options for your permanent/salaried positions. In contingent search, you only pay if you hire one of our candidates – so there’s no risk. We can also provide expert, qualified, credentialed, and/or certified contract consultants for your short or long-term projects. You can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. We believe in choice and peace of mind.

We complement your internal HR department. Are your hiring managers frustrated with your organization’s internal recruiters’ search efforts? Call us. We’ll work with your HR team to offer a more proactive, direct recruiting approach. We’ll focus on utilizing innovative tools, like social media, to find and attract the candidates you won’t find elsewhere. Let HR focus on what they’re good at and let us do what we do best – RECRUIT!

We believe in follow up and follow through. You’ll never wonder about the status of your search. We provide detailed, honest feedback to keep you abreast of the latest developments in our sourcing efforts, whether it’s good or bad news. But we won’t be pests. We promise. We just believe in being straightforward and sincere!

Tired of business as usual with other search firms? Contact 1st Solution USA and put our differences to work for you!

“I’ve worked with Kimberly and the team at 1st Solution for over 3 years now. They have consistently provided a high quality service for me and do an excellent job finding and screening candidates. This saves me so much time weeding through resumes. I also very much appreciate the high quality, high contact customer service by the entire 1st Solution staff and their willingness to work with my schedule and preferred communication methods.”

– Manager of Application Technology